I was surprised to see an article in the health magazine of US News. People all over the world know that US is the bastion of junk food, fast food and more recently non-food (GMO). As US has the best marketeers in the world, they have exported most of these food brands to the urban population in developing nations successfully. A group of young college students in a city such as Bangalore will likely decide on Pizza hut or McDonald instead of a local Idly Sambar place. Individuals from the same group when alone may make a different choice though. This is because at home they have understood from childhood that it is best to avoid stable food. Yet, modern marketing messages create can overpower common sense wisdom when an individual is among peers.

The author of the article in US New, introduces the idea of high Prana food by using the example of the growing popularity of stores promoting whole foods, raw foods and farm produce. Nutritionists seem to be making the connection between weight loss and high Prana food. “The moment food is picked from the tree, it starts to lose prana,. So eating locally grown, organic food is the best policy for getting prana into your system. Cooking food will kill off some of the prana, and microwaving will pretty much destroy it,” Emily Potter, a clinical nutritionist and holistic health counselor based in Coeur D’Alene, IdahoClinical nutritionists will quickly recognize that most high Prana foods are alkalizing and therefore are able to promote healing. Most nutritionists in the US already promote certain foods without recognizing them to be high prana foods to deal with inflammatory conditions in the body.

Kasia Fraser who is also quoted in the US News article runs a popular website. She goes a step further and makes the connection between one’s mental state and the prana in the food. She connects food to happiness. The article ends with a few tips on how to pick high prana foods. These tips are useful to consumers in every urban area of the world today.

Look for bright colorsDismiss foods with a long shelf life., Look for non-meat sources of protein., Guzzle green juices. Look for sprouted thingsExplore sea plants and tropical fruits

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