Scientists always continue to explore the secrets of nature and human behavior. But it is interesting to see how society picks up interim conclusions and converts them into “the whole truth” with the help of its Marketing and Media machinery. Everyone has heard that the male hormone testosterone is what makes a man. This entrenched idea is driving the sales of testosterone gels supporting a two billion dollar pharma segment. But new studies are suggesting that Estrogen, the female hormone is the likely contributor in the development of male brain circuitry associated with territorial behavior.

An even more recent research reported in NYT shows that a man’s waistline will expand when the levels of estrogen circulating in his blood drops. While testosterone is needed for muscle tone, lesser amount of it is believed to be needed to maintain body strength than the amount needed to keep fat off the waistline. This is because the body produces Estrogen from testosterone and it is the former that is responsible for maintaining the six pack abs! The level of estrogen in an average man is the same as in a post menopausal women. The chemical found in the common garden pesticide interferes with the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Recent transsexual problems in such species as the frog has therefore been attributed to pesticides.

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In the Vedic traditions a human being was thought to be a combination of masculine and feminine qualities, inheriting qualities from both the parents. A boy child was encouraged to be sensitive and a girl child was encouraged to take on responsibility to balance the yin and yang. Modern society can learn a few lessons from the ancient thought process, especially in the light of the new frontiers of science. Its obsession with boxing “normal” behaviors has been leading to unnecessary mental conditioning and has only been enriching the coffers of the Pharma industry.

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