Malaysia is a Muslim majority country. The catholic church in this country had earlier claimed the name Allah in its Church newspapers. The Government has now appealed Church’s earlier legal victory. Calculated steps to make it easy for conversions, as elaborated by the author Iain Buchanan in his book, tend to create fear in the majority community. Wall Street Journal article mentions a poster bearing the words “Save Allah”!

Church morphing into Hindu Temples in South India

Contrast this with the Hindu majority country, India. Any religion is free to use the Hindu name for the Supreme divinity. The Church has been using the term “Veda”, referring to the ancient knowledge books cognized by Rishis  to refer to the Bible for many decades. Indian society’s tolerance to new thoughts and ideas are founded on the Hindu belief that enlightened masters will continue to spread spirituality in the future just as many have done in the past. 

Forms of worship are merely an anchor to the vast unseen divinity. God as an abstraction can not be different for religions formed in the middle east and those formed else where. Bringing everlasting Salvation for millions of non-believers is splitting humanity and creating a living hell on the Earth today.

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