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Recent audits of the records from the previous administration of the state of Andhra Pradesh is establishing clearly the modus operandi of the nexus between politicians in India and their business interests. The signature aspect of such projects seem to be “no technical evaluation, no clearance requested from other Governmental agencies, no feasibility studies, and doling out advance money“. The four step to a successful scam is now understood to be

  1. Start a business
  2. Change hands – Once you achieve some success, hand the business over to relatives
  3. Action time! – Get directly into politics. 
  4. Make money from your political might for your business interest. 
The Jalayagnam projects (read article in firstpost) , attributed to the calculated initiative of a single politician, YSR, drained more than US$10 billion from tax payer money instead of bringing water to the masses. Most of the MPs/MLAs linked to the Jalayagnam projects were once contractors, founders and promoters of their respective infrastructure companies. All companies involved in this scam had the same profile/motto: build dams, powerhouses, barrages, canals, roadways, waterways, tunnels, industrial, commercial and residential structures.

YSR was considered to be a populist leader of Andhra for his social welfare programs! Looks like he was making sure that his family and friends were a major part of his welfare schemes. A major complaint against YSR was the enormous amount of land that he had quickly acquired. Telugu groups in the US planned protest marches as early as 2007 against YSR for his alleged policies misusing the Hindu temple Endowment Act and Looting, Selling, and Encroachment of  temple property (Deccan Chronicles 3/12/2007).

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