Neuroscientists created a mind meld experiment between two rats, one in North Carolina and one in Brazil, by implanting electrodes in their brains and letting the signals travel intercontinental distances. What one rat sensed in its environment could be shown to be learnt by the rat in the remote location. The experiment was towards understanding the possibility of restoring the functions of parts of the brain damaged by stroke and other illnesses. Though far from reality, scientists are excited by the possibility. It is amazing that an animal can be made to pick up signals from another animal through the miracle of modern technology to create A computational system of two brains

I encountered another related bit of information on the blog-o-sphere. This one was a posting from a Holland Farmer who had turned vegetarian. Relating the turning point in his life, he writes – “My father in law had a farm with some land, cows and pigs. One day I met him and a few neighbors in a field and asked what was going on. A truck was coming to the field and from all cows present, only one ran off, broke through various fences and halted about a mile further.  My father in law explained… that one has to go to the slaughterhouse today. He said it happened like this almost every time. Stupid cows… they don’t have feelings and do not know things… think again human! They know. They feel in advance…”

The scientific experiment shows that by facilitating electromagnetic signals to travel from one brain to another one can create a predictable behavior at a distance. The farmer’s experience shows that emotional stress builds up, even in an animal when its death is imminent. The cues for the cows to suspect its imminent death must originate from the intentions in the brains of the men who lead it to the slaughterhouse. Could these cues arise out of empathy , from a deeper levels of the subconsciousness, felt in the heads of the men for the cows? Scientists know that brain signals are stronger when charged with an emotion. Empathy is a strong human emotion. Watch out your brain may be picking up stress from the emotions of someone close to you! Join Stress Free Violence Free Community Campaign.

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