German researchers published a research on emotions in viewers on Facebook. Facebook is a medium of social interaction. Any social interaction can cause emotions. Researchers noticed, not surprisingly, Envy. to be the predominant emotion on Facebook. Researchers go on to analyze the reason for the dominance of envy. According to them folk are picky about what experiences they share on social media. Bad experiences are seldom shared. Great moments are quickly on one’s Facebook as pictures. Viewers see the fun, the thrills, the parties that others seem to be having when they enter the world of Facebook. In the real world, faces speak of tiredness, freshness, anger, frustration, happiness.

Researchers even reach the conclusion that users perceive Facebook as a stressful environment. One in three Facebook user feels worse dissatisfaction with their lives. The stress is worse for those who tend to browse without contributing anything about themselves. There are some good lessons for the real world from this Facebook research. The research highlights the importance of not constantly comparing one’s situation in life with others and being aware of the goodness in one’s own lives. Focusing only on what is going good in others’ lives, is bound to bring one to the Facebook syndrome! The other lesson is from the findings that those who contributed something instead of just browsing were more immune from an envy attack!

The world today appears more complex to our simple minds. Human mind continues to be swayed by emotions which can raise without asking for a permission. One solution is to control these emotions. The better one is to take action, to contribute. Contributing anything out to the world requires self effort. Any self effort demands moving one’s mind away, even if only by a tiny bit, from sitting with its emotions. This is reason for serving the community reporting a higher level of contentment and happiness. Mental effort is needed to fight emotions, physical effort is needed to help someone else. When the former is difficult, why not try the latter?

Stress Free Violence Free Campaign presents a great opportunity to experience the changes in one’s state of one mind through self effort!

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