A team of scientists from the University of Zurich recently conducted an interesting experiment that identified the area of brain related to selfish attitudes. These researchers found an increased amount of grey matter between an altruistic person’s temporal and parietal lobes of brain compared to a normal person’s. Also the brain of a person who is more selfish shows brain wave activities when asked to share something they possess with a new person. This activity was seen in the part of the brain behind a person’s ears. Perhaps these brain waves correspond to a “why should I?” attitude arising in a person’s head. The same area shows reduced activity to the extent a person is altruistic.In other words, this area shows activity when the level of sacrifice nears the altruism level of a person.

Earlier in 2010, a team of researchers in MIT had also conducted an experiment and identified a “morality compass“, also in the area behind the right ear. They also proved that the area can be cheated by a strong external magnetic force. The results of such experiments can be interpreted to justify one’s selfishness or unwillingness to engage in acts of selfless service. One can refuse to sacrifice one’s comforts for the sake of others in society and attribute it to a biological cause. Alternately, one can motivate themselves to builds up more grey cells in the regions studied by participating in the social process that repeated exercise these brain regions. An act of selfless service can bring contentment to anyone!

In society today, less people experience the breadth of one’s human personality. Feeling constrained and limited one feels enslaved to one’s stresses in modern life. The less freedom one feels from stress, the more one shies away from engaging in service activities. Stress truly demands of to one to take care of themselves. Feeling a need to take care of oneself is the proper attitude. But what is good self care? Watching a violent movie, eating ice cream, drinking a glass of beer, slouching in front of the TV? A simple metric for a good self care act should be that a person after the act should want to engage in a simple act of service, feeling refreshes. The Art of Living Foundation has started a campaign “Stress Free Violence Free Community” in Northern California to let everyone experience the simplest ways to feel the power to act

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