A homeless man in Kansan city reaped in online donations worth $152,000 in less than a week for his act of honesty. This homeless man returned the diamond ring to the lady who accidentally dropped it into his collection cup. The diamond ring was an engagement ring and to the lady it was priceless. News of this act spread on the internet and radio. It brought the homeless man a bounty. The world is still a magical place if one simple action can touch someone’s heart. Of course, magic also requires some help from the internet Deva.

Human heart is alive in a world where corrupt officials steal public wealth and where greedy corporate bosses manipulate the financial systems for fatter bonuses. Despite the distractions of modern life and its stresses a citizen is even today able to immediately recognize someone who is content. It doesn’t matter if that someone happens to be a complete stranger or even homeless, like in this case. Also only an act can bring the appreciation from others of one’s qualities. Once someone sense of contentment is recognized, others begin to see the person’s needs and start giving. In this incidence, citizens showered their compassion for the state of homelessness only after they recognized the sense of honesty and contentment in the man.

An adult’s act of greed is seldom as open as their act of contentment. Some planning precedes an act of greed. An act of contentment is spontaneous, from the heart. A person acting from greed often finds it necessary to cloak it from the view of the world. An act of greed of a corporate executive is shielded by societal structures and processes. Modern Government structures allows anyone with an access to power to manipulate the system, without exposing their actions to the public, to serve one’s greed. The statement “Power corrupts” is true unless a person consciously upholds and cultivates human values. Continuing education credits in Human Values may be one way to check societal structures from being the breeding ground for greed.

It is worth pondering about our actions and the underlying attitudes in our mind leading to these actions. When we say “thank you” to someone, can we be genuine if the underlying attitude in the mind is counter to it? Would the same act of sating “thank you” touch the other person’s heart if said with a different attitude? Recognizing the fact that one’s mental attitude matters in an act being successful may itself lead one to be more content, honest and giving! The actions recommended for this week in the stress free violence free campaign is to recognize those who serve you by an act of appreciation.


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