The value of collective wisdom, crystallized from many units of human experiences, appears to have a diminished value in the information age.  Sure, younger folk have access to a lot more information today than in the past decades. They can look up information on any different topic and read the opinion of a lot of folk. But the dominant headlines, postings, video clips on the internet are stumbling blocks. How do they understand the value is looking for something that lies hidden in search results somewhere? It may be as good as it doesn’t exist for them? How can they gain access to wisdom from the elders’s experiences?

The quality of generational interaction is also impacted by what the new media may not be capable of highlighting to the young people. When a majority of messages that a youngster picks up are from the internet domain how then will a youngster presented with an opportunity to interact with grandparents know to take it? How will they recognize that a personal anecdote from an elder is not so unique after all, unless the internet authenticates it by providing it importance. The dominant messages on the internet are commercially driven or statistically driven. How do we get messages such as the legacy project in front of the younger audience? 

Every generation goes through unique experiences during historical events during their life times. Each individual formulates a unique way of responding to such challenges. Different individuals may respond differently. But something like the legacy project can capture collective experiences. It creates a sense of authenticity in the new information age. The most important of these is how to live happy day by day? So many, especially the younger generation these days go through such frustration with the economic uncertainties. Wouldn’t it be great if they knew the immense stress and uncertainty that the elders faced during the great depression? If the elders could have a good time with what they had, couldn’t someone today feel more relieved just knowing that? It will help someone young to check their high expectations of material excess and understand that happiness is within.

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