India’s Home Minister Mr Shinde on Friday dismissed reports that doctors in the hospital, where the December 16 gang rape victim was treated till Wednesday, were sidelined while taking a decision to send her abroad for better treatment. The home minister issued a statement that it was the doctor’s who made the decision. Following the decision to shift her, passport and Singapore visa for the girl and some of her family members accompanying her in the air ambulance were expedited by the External Affairs Ministry and the Indian High Commission in Singapore arranged for the victim to be received at the hospital there.
Experts consulted by the government before transferring the critically-ill Delhi gang rape survivor to Singapore told media that they were only asked if the patient was fit to be airlifted — not if the move was medically advisable. Independent experts questioned the wisdom of the government’s decision to move the 23-year-old woman from her hospital.  Doctors asked the question about how moving the patient to Singapore was going to help in the management of her condition.  She was already very critical and was in no position to be able to withstand any transplant procedure abroad in her medical condition.
The whole incidence is an eye opener to the way violence, in all walks of life, brews in society through the inaction of politicians and the misplaced focus of civic planners. Human Values are losing ground as rulers fail to see a reason to balance the eagerness to modernize society and the need to protect age old societal values. Aggressive attitudes, alcoholism, promiscuity are promoted in Bollywood films. Media and mass marketeers magnify these the role models of modern India. They are now larger than the wise and valorous heroes of the ancient traditions of India. The minds of the young folk are not immune to these messages. The comfortable relationships that the gangsters outside Bollywood movies have cultivated with the politicians is only worsening the situation. Who is to take charge of the spirituality of the masses, in these modern times?
The Govt’s prominent concern, in a case like this, is no wonder to avert wide-spread protects against this gang rape. Whichever way the Govt wants to look at the roots of a potential wide-spread protest, deep-rooted concern or public anger, its reasons to airlift a critically injured victim of rape, without proper medical reason, is suspect. It stems from worrying about the heavy cost of its inaction at many levels.
The victim of rape succumbed to her injuries today. The airlift did not help her. She was bold in the way she exposed such a crime to the media. The media was bold to represent her case. Now, it is time for us all to understand the mechanism of aggression. Aggression doesn’t arise against anything one considers close to one’s heart, to be sacred. The age old tradition of India makes even an the inanimate objects sacred. The modern chaos has made even a human to be an object to be enjoyed and dispose off by the roadside. It is time to look at the spiritual message of modern saints. Especially the youth have a lot to gain by bringing their brimming energy to social causes, volunteering, cultivating their own spiritual side.

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