Many of us have seen a few television, online and print advertisements telling consumers that sugar is sugar and that corn sugar is natural and safe. A recent Associated Press release is titled ” Official slams corn syrup rebranding” referring to the Corn Refiner’s Association’s request to use the term corn sugar instead of the term high fructose corn syrup. Since 2010, the corn industry has attempted an image makeover for high fructose corn syrup, present in many sodas and processed foods, which some scientists have linked to obesity.

When economic interests are at stake, it is natural for an industry to push back. Mounting scientific evidence and increased consumer awareness are both needed, generally, to push economic interests to a secondary position. In this particular case, however, consumer awareness appears to have moved well ahead with only a little scientific research. The potential for consumers to view the industry’s attempt to rebrand as devious has caused sufficient concerns with in FDA. At least a few in FDA appear to be concerned of a harm to its credibility by rubber stamping the request from the industry

This incidence is another sign of impending changes in global consumerism that has fuelled the economy of developed countries in past few decades. It is strange that a shift is starting during times of  a severe economic downturn.

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