It is over two weeks since Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Corp, resigned to take care of his health. Three were over 300 comments posted on Wall Street Journal’s blogs about the announcements. Irrespective of the nature of comments, no one disagreed about Job’s innovative skills and his impact on Apple Inc, Silicon Valley and the PC industry. In my opinion, Job’s ability to hold onto a vision till he succeeded is what makes him unique. We have hundreds of ideas each day some of which we would categorize as a vision. I also think that we all have a our own gifts, but only how far we carry our visions is different. A majority of the ideas that arise in our mind fleet away not being able to withstand our own internal scrutiny. Those that stand up to the first round of self scrutiny then become our vision per which we start acting.

A challenge comes along the way and boom, it kindles self scrutiny. The bigger danger to a vision is a round of self scrutiny than the associated challenge itself. On close examination, we see that self scrutiny itself is nothing but a thought just like the thought related to the original idea. That, through frequent murmurs, this thought pattern which we call self scrutiny has gained an upper hand over our life itself appears strange, doesn’t it? Our impressions of our own inabilities and to an equal extent others impressions  as well can flavor our self scrutiny with a tinge of harshness. Don’t we sometimes wish that we could zap this away. Evolution of human life clearly is about dropping this harshness. At what point in one’s life does it happen. Isn’t it about having a clear vision of who we really are? Not everyone can be as famous as Jobs, but everyone can become what they are best at by following their visions if only they are not hindered by their own internal scrutiny.

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