I was reminded of a less known fact that is unbelievable when I came across this article in US magazine
Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz‘s son Egypt is only 10 months old, but according to his dad, he’s already working on his physical, mental and spiritual discipline. “Egypt started his own yoga class today in the house,” the 32-year-old rapper joked, linking to a TwitPic of the pajama-clad tot looking Zen.
A child’s body transitions through many postures that an adult pays to learn at a Yoga studio. The boat posture and the knee press are common postures when a child is still lying on his back, After learning to roll over a child masters the cobra postures and its variations. A seated child  is found in many common seated yoga postures. He also frequently contorts his back in the spinal twist. While learning to stand up a child amuses himself in the downward dog posture, looking behind through his own legs. In addition the triangle postures bring strengthens and provides a sense of balance that a biped needs.
A new born child is seen to do the “mudras” which are actually categorized as advanced yoga techniques performed with the hands and the fingers of the hand. In Yoga these hand symbols are considered to be great for improving the circulation to the nervious system. A different mudra exists for differents parts of the body such as for the brain and the spinal chords. More than all the serenity on the face of a baby is supposed to be the goal of a meditator. The peace on the face of a statue of buddha and on the face of a baby brings us the message of quite possibilities

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